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Business form creation / management tool

Boasting the number-one share in Japan, WingArc1st’s SVF is a solution that supports the creation and management of multi-lingual business forms. It enables flexible business form layout design and printing optimized for printers made by various companies. It may be used to create business forms of all kinds.


  • Multilingual

    It is possible to output business forms in eight languages, including Japanese and Thai. Charts including multiple elements, such as numerical axes, category axes, and sequences, may be represented in 8 languages, with attribute formulas set for each element.

  • Adapted to various printers

    The use of proprietary SVF drivers means that output of business forms is not printer-dependent. It is possible to considerably reduce the number of development hours relating to the creation, processing, and printing of business forms.

  • Enables more efficient management

    Managing business form systems via shared infrastructure significantly improves maintenance performance. This also enables the integration of trace management, and it is effective for internal controls as well.

Usage examples

Duplication of shipping forms

With SVF, it is easy to design bundled forms. Output of duplicate forms can easily be transferred from a dot printer to a laser printer.

Color production instructions

With SVF, it is possible to arrange multiple barcodes on the form as you wish. What’s more, since color printing is possible, you can use color highlights to emphasize key data within the business form.

Overview of defect count with Pareto chart

Another feature of SVF is that you can easily create graphs based on data read from business forms. Graph settings can be specified simply using the wizard.

Invoices with flexible layout of details

With SVF, since you can arrange the details as you wish, it is possible to create business forms that include the invoice followed by the details laid out in a reverse-N pattern on the first page. It is also possible to create multiple-layout business forms that include only the details from the second page onward.

Order ledger

With SVF, you can freely set the direction in which the details are arranged, so it is possible to lay them out in a zigzag pattern. Flexible layout of various types of barcode, including JAN, NW7, and QR codes, on the GUI screen is also possible.

Picking list

It is possible to group and rearrange information by key item as well as to automatically output total rows. As a result, you can create lists that correspond to the picking method-e.g., by product to be shipped to a given destination, by product and destination.

Analysis sheets

One of SVF’s strengths is the ability to create visually rich analysis sheets that combine multiple graphs and tables. Since graphs are created using the wizard, it is easy to set the specifications.


If using SVF, layout design of labels for printers such as SATO, TEC, and Zebra can be handled on the GUI screen. Barcodes and items such as ruled lines can also be flexibly laid out using the GUI screen.


With SVF, you can produce business forms in 8 languages, including English, Japanese, simplified Chinese, and Thai. They can be output in paper and PDF formats, as well as in Excel, which enables data to be revised on site.

Color individual report cards

It is possible to create visually rich report cards that combine multiple graphs and tables. Using graphic report cards can help increase students’ motivation.

Acquisition checklist

If using SVF, you can adapt your labels to display complex details. Total and sum rows can be output automatically, and it is possible to create visually rich lists including merged cells, area fills, color highlights, etc.

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