Enterprise Solutions & Service

Application development and maintenance

Providing development and support services with excellent performance

Engineers with extensive technical knowledge and long experience in developing various applications will respond to a wide range of platforms. We will develop high-quality, highly efficient software on time with high standards of performance to meet the fast-growing businesses.

Super-upper process global service

IT consulting

This is a service for supporting overseas offices of Japanese companies in the ASEAN region with preparation of IT infrastructure planning. Marubeni IT Solutions Inc., Marubeni Group’s system integrator, will support Japanese companies with preparing global IT system plans through IT consulting services in which the company possesses abundant track records. Marubeni Software & Technology (Thailand) will support training, introduction and other matters in environmental research, local coordination and business development of the offices in the ASEAN region that will be required when Japanese companies prepare those plans. Solving issues such as language, IT skills and labor shortages, we will help achieve smooth, high-quality system development in the ASEAN region.

SAP ERP solution

IT consulting

We provide one-stop service for everything from system consulting for SAP ERP, which was created as a means to comprehensively control the entire company in terms of management resources and to streamline management, to its introduction and operation. We also support from the aspects of analysis of the current environment and requirement definition by engaging in development cases such as add-on functions and link functions with peripheral systems. By capitalizing on the knowledge nurtured through extensive experience in SAP development of a general trading company, we will create a system most suitable for the customer.

SAP Business One

Comprehensive solution for business software

SAP Business One is a business management ERP solution that encompasses all aspects of back office duties designed for small and medium enterprises, integrating financial accounting, sales management, customer management, stock management and other core business functions. Unlike other small and medium-sized enterprise solutions found in today’s markets, SAP Business One is a single application that does not require repetition of software installations for different functions or complicated integration of separate functions. SAP Business One is used by many small and medium-sized enterprises in Thailand.

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