What We Do

Marubeni Software and Technology (Thailand) is a system integrator offering companies in Thailand and its surrounding areas one-stop support services for the entire IT life cycle from planning introduction of IT to system building, operation and maintenance.

We handle a broad range of needs related to information systems such as integration of core systems including SAP and other ERP system building as well as procurement and kitting of IT products. We also focus on supporting daily information system services that customers are highly interested in, such as maintenance of stable services, efficient and accurate IT asset management, reliable security measures, quick and easy-to-understand analysis/processing of business data.

In addition, we provide services to coordinate system procurement/building, operational control, etc. through cooperation among multiple countries capitalizing on the Marubeni Group’s network. “Would like to build/operate systems that are built/operated in Japan,” “would like to build an information system linked with the information system in Japan” and more – We will support projects requiring coordination with foreign companies to lead them to success.

Scope of enterprise solution services

Multilateral cooperation capitalizing on Marubeni Group’s network

We provide global system integration services through collaboration with Marubeni Group companies and partner companies including Marubeni IT Solutions Inc.

We support our customers’ overseas advancement from a broad perspective not only by building systems, but also by transferring and installing know-how and conducting security policies among others.

Contact Us

Inquiries are received by phone and e-mail, please do not hesitate to consult us.

CONTACT (66)2256-6900